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1979 KZ400 Build: Progress

By May 15, 2012Motorcycles, Photos


  • David Clark says:

    Just a quick note to tell you what a great job you did on that LTD. You really made a silk purse out of a sou’s ear. I appreciate how you changed the seat/frame geometry, straightening out the cruiser saddle area.
    I’ve been wanting to do a build like yours for some time now but haven’t found the right bike for the right price. Last week I stumbled upon a running 1979 KZ400 LTD with less than 10k miles for about $800. I started looking for cafe conversions on the internet and found your build blog. Your bike is almost exactly what I have in mind: take an ugly 70’s cruiser and make it a cool, retro cafe racer.
    Well done and thanks for the inspiration.
    Dave Clark
    Spokane, WA USA

    • adamepp says:

      Thanks Dave! I was fortunate to find a running bike locally for only $300, and with the help of some skilled friends (welding and leather upholstery) my vision came together…pretty cheap, too.

      All the best with yours!